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About the Mauritius Tourism Authority

​​The Mauritius Tourism Authority is a parastatal body operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Tourism and External Communications and is governed by the Tourism Authority Act 2006 (as amended). 

The objects of the Authority, amongst others, are to promote the sustainable development of the tourism industry, and, foster and encourage the conduct of activities in the tourism industry in a responsible manner in order to preserve the integrity of the Mauritian destination.

With a view to furthering and attaining these objects, the Authority fulfils a number of functions such as the licensing, regulation and supervision of tourist enterprises as well as the activities pertaining to pleasure craft and skippers, the development of strategies to ensure the security and safety of tourists and other stakeholders, the collection, compilation and publication of statistics relating to the tourism industry, and, research and development activities to consolidate the sector.


The Authority is responsible for the issue of Tourist Enterprise Licences for the conduct of some 40 activities (including Tourist Residences, Guesthouses, Restaurants, Beach Hawker, Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Private/Night Clubs, etc.) in the tourism sector. The Authority also licenses and regulates other activities, including pleasure craft (both private and commercial) and skippers.

In line with the objective to sustain the image of Mauritius as an upmarket destination, the Authority also manages the Cleaning and Embellishment Programme to maintain, green and embellish tourist sites as well as areas and roads where tourists frequently pass by or visit.



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