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Communique- Personal Floatation Devices (PFD)

Date: March 27, 2015


As per the first Schedule of the Pleasure Craft (issue of Certificate of Competency) regulations 2001 at part E (Safety at Sea), it is specified at paragraphs 9 and 10 that:
  • The law requires that there is a lifejacket for every person on board.
  • Make sure everyone aboard knows where lifejackets are and how to use them


In order to reinforce the safety and security of the public and users of the sea, the following conditions are henceforth attached to all commercial pleasure craft licence and skipper’s licence:

  1. It is the skipper’s legal responsibility to ensure that Personal Floatation Devices are worn in situation of heightened risks, such as when crossing a bar, navigating through a pass, in rough water, during an emergency and by non-swimmers.


  1. All pleasure craft must make provision for Personal Floatation Devices as per SOLAS code of practice, for the number of persons on board, taking into consideration the weight/size ratio of the users such as Lifejacket, self-rescue bracelet, inflatable belt pack.


  1. Before casting off, all passengers must be briefed on how to use the Personal Floatation Devices provided on board.


  1. Provisions should be made for various sizes of Personal Floatation Devices to accommodate the different sizes and weights of persons on board.


  1. The skipper and/or any trained crew member must ensure that every person on board is aware of where the Personal Floatation Devices are stowed. The stowage location should be easily accessible.


  1. The Personal Floatation Devices should be properly maintained


  1. Wearing of Personal Floatation Devices is compulsory for all persons on board of commercial pleasure craft (PC) when navigating outside the lagoon.


Friday 27th March 2015​

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