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Skipper's Licence

1. What is a Skipper’s Licence?​

 A Skipper’s Licence is a licence which is issued to a person who operates a Pleasure Craft.

2. Why do you need a Skipper’s Licence – Legal implications under the Tourism Authority Act?​

-  A Skipper’s Licence is the sole property of the holder and is not transferable.

     - It shall be in possession of the holder when operating a pleasure craft in a navigational area and     shall be produced whenever requested by an officer of the NCG or any authorised officer.

     - It enables the holder to operate a pleasure craft at a distance not exceeding 12 nautical miles from the shore of main land of Mauritius and its outer islands & Rodrigues.

      -  It may authorise its holders to operate or be in charge:

          ·         All classes of Pleasure Craft or;


          ·         Such class or such type within a class as the TA may specify in the licence.

      3.  For which activities do we need a Skipper’s Licence?​

    A Skipper’s Licence is needed for operating a pleasure craft for all types of activities such as Excursion, Dolphin & Whale Watching, Towing, and Big Game fishing and so on.


4. Applying for a Skipper’s Licence.​

The person shall make a written application to the Authority in such form and manner as may be approved by the Authority and upon payment of the prescribed fee.

-          Fill in application form accompanied with

(1)   Rs 500/- as

(2)   application fee  whereby a receipt is issued (applicable for English, French, Creole and Exemption)

(3)   2 passport size photographs.

(4)   Copy of ID

(5)   Copy of Birth Certificate (if under 18 yrs)

(6)   Medical Fitness (if over 65 yrs)

 In Case of non-citizen, the following documents need to be submitted:

(1)   Copy of passport

(2)   Occupation permit

(3)   Resident Permit

(4)   Copy of marriage certificate (if any)

On application form, applicant should specify:

(a)   Language chosen for exams (either English, French or Creole)

(b)    No training is available for English and French

-          In case creole is chosen, there is a 4-day training followed by theoretical examination.

Training day session – Rs 1500/-

Training Night session – Rs 5000/-



5. Renewal of a Skipper’s Licence.​

     - The Authority may, on an application for the issue of a skipper’s licence, require the applicant to furnish any additional information that it considers relevant.

      - The Authority may grant the application and issue a skipper’s licence on payment of the prescribed fee and subject to such terms and conditions as it may impose.

      - The Authority may refuse to grant or renew any skipper’s licence where it is satisfied that, by reason of the character, conduct or record of convictions of the applicant, the operating of, or taking charge of, any pleasure craft or class of pleasure craft by that applicant is likely to be a source of danger to the public.​

6. Variation of a Skipper’s Licence.​

    - The authorised limit of navigation from the coast of mainland Mauritius, its outer islands and Rodrigues had been extended from eight (8) nautical miles to twelve (12) nautical miles.



      - In this respect, it was requested that all skippers’ licences (with limit 8 nautical miles) which were previously issued be replaced by a new one with limit of navigation of 12 nautical miles against the payment of a fee of Rs200.

7. Fees​

         -  Issue of a Skipper’s Licence – Rs 500.

         -  Renewal of Skipper’s Licence – Rs500.

         -  Variation of a Skipper’s Licence – Rs200.

      -  Issue of a Duplicate Skipper’s Licence – Rs750.


8. Application Form

Application form for skipper's Licence- up to 12 N M

Medical Certificate 

Application form for Skipper's Licence- up to 24 N M​

Code de la Mer (Creole Version)

Code de la Mer (French Version)

 - Code de la Mer (English Version)​


9. Monitoring and Compliance​

Revocation and Suspension:

          A skipper’s licence may be revoked or suspended by the Authority on the ground that –


  1. The licensee has not complied with a condition of the licence;
  2. It appears to the Authority that the conduct or character of the licensee is such as to render him        unfit to operate or be in charge of, a pleasure craft. Regard being had to the safety of the public;
  3. The licensee is convicted of an offence involving bodily harm;
  4. The licensee is no longer considered competent to operate a pleasure craft and needs to submit himself to a test of competency;
  5. The licensee refused to take the competency test or has failed the test;
  6. The licensee has been disqualified by the court;
  7. The licensee has not produced his skipper’s licence for endorsement within  the time frame given by the court;

 Upon receipt of the notice that his licence has been revoked or suspended, the licensee must return the licence to the Mauritius Tourism Authority.