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Pleasure Craft Licence

A Pleasure Craft Licence is issued to a vessel used for fishing as a sport, for water sports, or pleasure purposes and includes a recreational platform. Pedal boats, canoes, kayaks, surfboats or non motorized rubber inflatable boats are not regarded as pleasure crafts. Pleasure crafts licences are issued either for a private purpose or for a commercial purpose.

    i.  Non-citizens will have to seek the approval of the Ministry of Tourism and External Communications prior to submission of an application for a licence to operate a commercial pleasure craft. The promoter will have to show that he/she has invested a minimum of Rs. 10 million and that the project is Innovative.


      ii.   A holder of a Pleasure Craft Licence could be allowed to replace his craft by another one. Yet the new Pleasure Craft should not be longer than the previous pleasure craft by more than 50 % and should not exceed 12 meters. Besides, replacement of all pleasure craft above 12m should be of the same length or less. In addition, under no circumstances, a pleasure craft should be replaced by a catamaran.


     iii. For any case referring to sale/purchase of a craft, when an applicant is submitting his application for a pleasure craft licence at the Mauritius Tourism Authority, along with other documents, he shall also submit a registered sale deed (duly registered at the Registrar General) and as per template available at the Reception on 1st Floor, together with the notification of sale form, duly filled in by the seller.


​Application for a new Pleasure Craft Licence 

3. Declaration form (in lieu of sales deed) for imported craft

Renewal for a Pleasure Craft Licence
Note: Renewal of Licence/Validity of Survey​
The management has decided that  since a craft should be seaworthy before issuing a licence, it has been decided that if a survey has expired at time of renewal or the validity of the survey is less than 14 days, only an application fee of Rs.1000 for renewal and a survey fee will be accepted. It is only upon receipt of new survey certificate (after new survey has been carried out), that the licensee should pay the appropriate licence fee and the renewed licence would be issued.​

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