The Mauritius Tourism Authority is a parastatal body operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Tourism and External Communications and is governed by the Tourism Authority Act 2006 (as subsequently amended). Indeed, Section 3 of the Tourism Authority Act provides for the “Establishment of the Mauritius Tourism Authority” which stipulates that:
  • There is established for the purposes of the Mauritius Tourism Authority a Tourism Authority Act.
  • The Authority shall be a body corporate

Objects of the Mauritius Tourism Authority​

The Objects of the Authority are to:

  • promote the sustainable development of the tourism industry
  • foster and encourage the conduct of activities in the tourism industry in a responsible manner in order to preserve the integrity of the Mauritian destination
  • co-ordinate, support and interact with organisations and institutions aimed at promoting the tourism industry
  • foster research for the effective implementation of tourism policies
  • promote public understanding and interest in the tourism industry
  • develop and implement tourism and tourism related projects
  • promote co-ordination and co-operation between the public sector agencies and the private sector organisations engaged in the tourism industry

Functions of the Mauritius Tourism Authority

With a view to furthering and attaining these objects, the Authority fulfils a number of Functions including the following:


  • To license, regulate and supervise tourist enterprises
  • To register, license and regulate the use of pleasure craft
  • To license and supervise the activities of canvassers and skippers
  • To licence, regulate and supervise the activities of whale and dolphin watching
  • To manage and develop tourist sites
  • To carry out investigations and take measures to suppress illegal, dishonourable, unsound and improper practices in relation to any activity regulated under the Tourism Authority Act.
  • Establish standards, guidelines, and codes of practice in relation to the carrying on or running of a tourist enterprise, the operation of pleasure crafts, and the activities of a skipper and a holder of a canvasser permit 
  • Prepare action plans for the development and improvement of the tourism industry 
  • Take appropriate measures for the protection of consumers of the tourism industry 
  • Collect, compile and publish information and statistics in respect of any activity regulated under the Act 
  • Advise the Minister generally on any matter relating to the tourism industry 
  • Do such acts or things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of its objects


Key Activities of the Mauritius Tourism Authority


The Authority is responsible for the issue of licences for the carrying out of various activities in the Tourism Sector as well as for their regulation. In this respect, the Authority receives, processes and issues the following licences:

  • Tourist Enterprise Licences
  • Pleasure craft Licence
    • Pleasure craft licence for commercial purpose
    • Pleasure craft licence for private purpose
  • Skipper’s licences


In addition, the Authority is also responsible for the Cleaning and Embellishment Programme to maintain areas and roads where tourists frequently pass by or visit. Key functions of this programme involve cleaning, greening, embellishing and removal of eyesores in line with the objective to maintain Mauritius as an upmarket destination.​